DANCITY is a planned route that follows the gallery walk through a specified area. Painted footprints and dance terminology will adorn the path, and participants will follow the magic steps to their next destinations, dancing all the way. Dance demonstrations and music will be featured, and dance related door prizes will be available for people who complete the dance course.

CommUnity Mural

Location: Under the Twyckenham overpass, off of S. 9th Street, Lafayette, IN

For this mural, I worked with Dave Raymer of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and at risk youth to help beautify the city of Lafayette. I designed a color block pattern that made use of the existing structure of the wall.

Close up of my square.

TAF invited members of the community and youth from Cary Home to paint monochromatic designs on top of the underlying color blocks, with different themes, such as literature, music, nature, and architecture.


profile faces made of metal by Ivy tech students

I designed this sculpture to be produced by the metal fabrication students at IVY Tech. I started by fabricating a “pattern” out of several pieces of plywood.

Using the materials they had on hand, the metal fabrication class at Ivy Tech here in Lafayette used the plywood shapes as a template and cut the shapes out of Aluminum panels. We mounted them onto the four steel posts.