Just Paint

This acrylic painting is an original design to highlight my love of bright colors on black. I am quite happy with the way this piece turned out. I even painted one of my three Dog Days of Summer entries to match this work: Psychedogic. I’m currently exploring some mural possibilities extracted from this design.


DANCITY is a planned route that follows the gallery walk through a specified area. Painted footprints and dance terminology will adorn the path, and participants will follow the magic steps to their next destinations, dancing all the way. Dance demonstrations and music will be featured, and dance related door prizes will be available for people who complete the dance course.

Lenaswa – The Bison

N. Ninth Street Bicentennial Bison –
Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future

Artists: Linda Vanderkolk, Sunny Miller at their Bicentennial Bison unveiling, 9th & Main, Lafayette. May 5 2016. Photo by Charles Jenks

Artists Sunny Miller and Linda Vanderkolk’s, bison will be displayed on North 9th Street Road in front of Undercover Storage. Miller and Vanderkolk took a “native” approach for their theme and went with the Miami Tribe name Lenaswa meaning Bison. The Miami Tribe extended their cultural roots deep into the soil of the Wabash River Valley, hunting, cultivating, fishing, cooking, building, trading and sharing wisdom to sustain their communities.

via Indiana Bicentennial Tippecanoe County committee
The Bison-tennial Bison project was organized by Indiana Association of United Ways (IaUW), statewide, in partnership with the Indiana Bicentennial Commission. This officially endorsed legacy project celebrated Indiana’s rich and diverse history and unique features. The bison are 5-foot-tall by 8-foot-long fiberglass bison on 2-foot-bases and will be displayed throughout 2016, Indiana’s Bicentennial year. Many of the bison highlighted will be along the Bicentennial Torch Relay route, October 12, 2016, in Tippecanoe County.


Dog Days of Summer sculptures hit streets of Greater Lafayette
By Christy Jones, Purdue University News Service
Posted May 6, 2009

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Ranging from artistic to scientific, life-size decorated dog statues are popping up throughout the Greater Lafayette area as part of the Dog Days of Summer art project.

The project, which officially opens on Saturday (May 9), is a partnership between the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. It highlights the 50th anniversary of the School of Veterinary Medicine and the 100th anniversary of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, both of which are being celebrated this year.

– via Lafayette-Online
Psychedogic – photo by Journal and Courier

  • My entry for Dog Days of Summer: Psychedogic
  • This piece was chosen by the Art Museum to be the raffle dog from all of the dogs entered.
The dog was generously loaned by the raffle winner, Susan Cray, for display in the museum exhibition.


  • Hog Wild
  • 2003

This hog was one of several pigs on display for the public and community in the Hog Wild series and has found a permanent home welcoming visitors to the Art Museum.

Designed by Linda Vanderkolk, Grace O’Brien, Darlene M., Linda L., Gail D., Ann O.

Location: Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, 102 S. 10th St, Lafayette, IN 47901 [map]

Designs for Life

An art selection committee from Ivy Tech asked for proposals for local artists to help them furnish their new Ivy Hall. I conceived and proposed, a multimedia installation that could be completed by the 22 artist members of our Artists’ Own retail art coop.

So that the members of our coop could participate equally and in an organized format, I had each artists (myself included) illustrate a different relationship word or concept from design vocabulary. I selected the best 22 design vocabulary words, that could be positively applicable to both art & life. To ensure random assignment, I had the artists pull their words from a bag.

The purpose of the work was to offer the general student guidance and the possibility for life organization (i.e. balance, harmony, variety, movement, economy, focal point, proportion, etc.) in the same manner I give beginning design students the IDEA tools to organize their artworks.

My own design word to depict was ‘Integration’, done in acrylic paint on masonite, with a slightly raised metallic edge. I signed the plaque A.O for both Artists’ Own & Ann Ohnimus (my aka art name).

The design words & artists

  • BALANCE . . . . . . . Lorie Amick
  • BOUNDARY . . . . . . . Bobbie Vance
  • CLOSURE . . . . . . . Mary Burks
  • CONTINUITY . . . . . . . Sylvia Whitesides
  • DEPTH . . . . . . . Carol Morgan
  • DIRECTION . . . . . . . Michelle Woods
  • DOMINANCE . . . . . . . Caryl Rae Hancock
  • ECONOMY . . . . . . . Kathleen Kitch
  • FOCAL POINT . . . . . . . Vicky Bollock
  • GROUPING . . . . . . . Joanne Kuhn Titolo
  • HARMONY . . . . . . . Patty Herr
  • INTEGRATION . . . . . . . Linda Vanderkolk
  • INTEGRITY . . . . . . . Anita J. Krug
  • MOVEMENT . . . . . . .Linda LeMar
  • PATTERN . . . . . . . Cyndy Clauss
  • POSITIVE/NEGATIVE . . . . . . . Gail Johnston
  • PROGRESSION . . . . . . . Sharon Owens
  • PROPORTION . . . . . . . Sandy Daniel
  • PROXIMITY . . . . . . . Sandy Eismin
  • REPETITION . . . . . . . Janet Fox Elmore
  • RHYTHM . . . . . . . Darlene Mitchell
  • VARIETY . . . . . . . Lisa Walsh

This collaborative work by members of Artists’ Own, a cooperative of local artists, was designed to enrich and celebrate this community site. Regardless of the media or tools a designer uses when working with the elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures and values), the ultimate goal is to create a sense of oneness or unity. Though varying individually, a synergistic effect results when all are organized together. Each piece illustrates an important visual aspect in art. The aesthetic solutions we consider as artists are closely correlated to the complex life choices we all make. With the elements unique to your life, we hope our ideas inspire you to create your own successful design for life.

Via the plaque next to the piece at IVY TECH
  • Dimensions: Twenty three (22 artworks & 1 plaque) evenly spaced wall forms of 18” x 18” x 6”
  • Medium: Acrylic Plexiglas, metal, metallic lettering (and individual artworks in various media)
  • Year: 2001