Fleurs de Lafayette

Petronio and I designed a three color fleur-de-lis pattern for the crosswalks at the intersection of 10th and Main streets, downtown Lafayette. We chose the colors of yellow, orange, and white as cohesive colors that would combine well with street and caution signs (orange, white, and yellow signage, as well as existing road paint (yellow and white lines).

the yellow, white, and orange Fleur-de-lis pattern over-layed on a google street image of the intersection. At teh bottom is a birds eye view of the whole thing, the three color swatches and
The proposal image

During the summer of 2015, we painted the approved design with help from community members. As of summer 2018, we have repainted them twice more, with a scaled down design.

detail of the original crosswalk pattern
  • Location: 10th and Main St., Lafayette, Indiana
  • Sponsored by: the Placebased Investment Fund Grant awarded by the Indiana state office of Rural and Community Affairs and Indiana Department of Tourism.

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